Business Solutions and Managed Services

Virtual Director of IT (or CIO)

Having a full time Director of IT or CIO is an expensive proposition for most companies.

Our Virtual Director of IT helps companies focus on their core competencies while maintaining high standards of IT support and management. Most of our clients have their own IT support staff. We help our clients to manage their IT budgets and staff, implement best practices and processes that you will find only in multinational corporations.

We bring to the table the knowledge and access to several IT resources at a fraction of the cost of a single IT professional.

On- Premises, Virtualization and Cloud Services

We can help you manage or virtualize your on-premises servers, migrate your IT infrastructure to the cloud and run your existing cloud environment.

Do you have a reliable Disaster Recovery Plan? We can help you with the design and implementation of a hybrid environment for business continuity purposes.

Network Design and Management

We design, install, configure, maintain and monitor networks for our clients.

We have solutions for environments that need redundant Internet access, such as electronic health records (EHR) which are critical for the Healthcare industry.

Cyber Security

Our unique approach to security in combination with NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework ensures that our clients’ computers, network infrastructure and data are protected at all times. We offer network and application Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking services to our clients.