October 30, 2013.

Business of Software

Last week I went to Boston to attend the Business of Software conference. If you are not familiar with BoS and you are a software entrepreneur or ISV, you need to check it out.

I absolutely love this conference and this was the second time I attended BoS (held annually). There are many reasons why I think this is the best conference around for those who are in the software industry.

Below are a few of them:

  • It is a small conference. There are about 400 attendees: developers, managers, entrepreneurs, marketers;
  • Great speakers and discussions;
  • High energy and collaboration among the attendees;
  • I get to meet and talk to great people, learn how they handle the same challenges that I encounter while running my software company;
  • Talk; Laugh; Learn; Repeat;
  • Share a beer and a meal with friends; Vegetarians are Welcome!

Vegetarians are Welcome

I highly recommend BoS and hopefully I will see you there in 2014. I will be there for sure!

Fall in Boston

Besides the conference, Boston is one of my preferred cities in the US (congratulations Boston Red Sox!). Boston’s history, architecture, great schools (MIT and Harvard), public transportation, restaurants and parks make this city a great place to visit.

During this trip I had a great time and, as a foodie, I tasted incredible seafood, burgers and beer.

Mr Bartley´s Gourmet BurgersMr. Bartley’s Gourmet Burgers

1246 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02138
Harvard Square
Closed on Sundays – Cash Only

I can definitely say that I had the best burger of my life at Mr. Bartley’s. The quality and flavor of their burgers is amazing. The room was packed with people, quite noisy and the décor was funky. This is not a fancy place, but it was definitely a fun place to be at. The food is AMAZING.

Russell House TavernRussell House Tavern

14 JFK Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Harvard Square

Russell House Tavern is a nice restaurant close to Harvard Square. The beer selection was incredible, oysters super fresh and the food superb. This is a fancier restaurant and has a nice dining room downstairs. I highly recommend this restaurant if you are after a gourmet meal. The service was just OK.

Legal HarborsideLegal Harborside

270 Northern Avenue
Liberty Wharf
Boston, MA 02210

Legal Harborside is a great restaurant at a great location. If you are lucky you will get a table with a view of the harbor – not bad at all. I went to this restaurant twice, and I can tell you the service was outstanding on both occasions. The quality and freshness of the seafood at Legal is incredible. They have a great selection of oysters – yes, I love raw oysters! The ones I like the most are called Sunken Meadow, from Massachusetts.

For a cold night there is nothing better than their Portuguese seafood stew. It is rich, flavorful and has an abundance of clams, fish, shrimp, mussels and chouriço (a Portuguese sausage).

On my last day in Boston, I was really looking forward to eating a warm lobster roll after my oysters. However, the waiter told me their sandwich was cold. Bummer. So I ordered something else. To my surprise, the waiter went to the kitchen and talked to the chef about the possibility of making a warm roll for me. Guess what he did. I was pleasantly surprised when the waiter came back and told me they would prepare a tasty, delicious, and warm lobster roll. This is what I call customer service. Outstanding!

Kashmir RestaurantKashmir Restaurant

279 Newbury St
Boston, MA 02116
617 536-1695

One of the nights I went out with a group of vegetarians – as you can tell I am not one – and we went to this great Indian restaurant. I ordered their Yellow Tarka Dal (yellow lentils cooked in a buttery sauce with herbs and spices). The food was outstanding and it was one of the best Indian lentils I’ve eaten in the US.

Let me explain.

Last February I went to India (one of these days I will write a post about the experience) with my wife and some friends. I love Indian culture and their food. After spending a couple of weeks traveling in the Northern part of India (New Delhi, Agra, Haridwar, Rishikesh, etc.), eating at different restaurants and trying different regional cuisines (Punjabi, Kashmiri, Bengali, Gujarati, etc.), I understood how easy it would be for me to become a vegetarian if I could eat that type of food every day. I even tried Paan (sweet, with coconut, delicious).

Anyway, I ate such great food in India, that I got spoiled. When I got back to the US, I was utterly shocked by the Indian food served at most restaurants I used to eat.

So, it was a remarkable and pleasant surprise when I tasted the food at Kashmir. The taste, smells and textures were close to the food I ate in India. It was so good, that it brought back memories from my trip.
If you visit this restaurant order their Garlic Naan – it is amazing. They also have Indian beers such as Taj Mahal and, my preferred one, Kingfisher.